7.3 BlackBox X32 Wifi Setup

BlackBox X32 can be connected to your 2.4Ghz Wifi Network by following the instructions below:

Wifi Setup using OpenBuilds CONTROL

  • Connect to the BlackBox X32 using the Serial port
  • Click the Grbl Settings tab
  • Scroll down to $73 Wifi Network SSID and $74 Wifi Network PSK

  • Enter your Wifi details (network name and key)
  • Click Save to Firmware and click Reset when prompted
  • Sometimes, it might not connect on the first try, it is better to click the physical Reset button on the front of the BlackBox to let the controller boot up cleanly with the new settings
  • You will see a message [MSG:WIFI STA ACTIVE] in the Serial Terminal log if it connects to your network
  • You can obtain more information by sending the “$” command:

If if does not connect to your network, you can check

  1. That the correct Wifi SSID and PSK (Pre-shared Key) was used
  2. That the network has a working DHCP server / your router handles DHCP
  3. That the network is a 2.4Ghz Wifi network
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