7.1 BlackBox X32 Firmware Updates

As the OpenBuilds BlackBox X32 runs on a cutting edge modern firmware called grblHAL you may from time to time need to update the firmware on the controller to stay up to date with bugfixes, new features, etc

It's quite easy and very safe to do.

Checkout section 7.2 BlackBox X32 Firmware Changelog to learn what's changed in the latest firmware

1) Backup your Grbl Settings (Just in case!)

Go to OpenBuildsCONTROL > Grbl Settings tab > Click Backup Settings button

2) Make sure your version of CONTROL is up to date (As we include the latest precompiled firmware images inside CONTROL updates)

Download OpenBuildsCONTROL from

3) Launch the Firmware Flashing Tool in CONTROL from the Wizards and Tools menu

4) Click the BlackBox X32 tab, select the type of machine you are using, and click Flash

5) Check the Serial Terminal tab for progress updates as it flashes your controller

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