3.6 Connecting BlackBox X32 to a Door Sensor (Machine Enclosures) (Advanced)

OpenBuilds BlackBox supports the door-ajar detection features available in Grbl. In order to activate this feature, ensure you run a custom compiled version of GrblHAL that has this feature enabled. It is not available in the default Grbl configuration.

Note: This is an advanced feature, specific to machines with an enclosure, and not required for everyday use.


  • Open the door to pause (and optionally park)
  • Close the door to take grbl/grblHAL out of DOOR mode. It stays paused until you send a resume command using your controller.


  • Go to OpenBuilds CONTROL > Wizards and Tools > Firmware Flashing tool > BlackBox X32 tab > Select “2/3 Axes CNC/Laser: Dual-Y with Door Switch” > Flash

Optional: Parking

Parking is configured in OpenBuildsCONTROL > Grbl Settings tab

  • $41=2; Enabled with Override
  • $42=4; Park the Z axis
  • $56=5.0; Parking pull-out distance in mm
  • $57=1000.0; Parking pull-out rate in mm/min
  • $58=-10.0; Parking target in mm
  • $59=3000.0; Parking fast rate in mm/min
  • $60=0; Restore overrides as boolean
  • $61=0; Safety door options as bitfield
  • $392=2.0; Spindle on delay in s
  • $393=1.0; Coolant on delay in s

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