7.2 BlackBox X32 Firmware Changelog

BlackBox X32 runs on grblHAL firmware. We include a couple precompiled versions of the firmware inside CONTROL ready to be flashed as updates/new installs.

As grblHAL is a modern, fast developing firmware, we will be releasing firmware updates for the BlackBox X32 somewhat regularly. This page is a running log of changes made to the firmware images included in CONTROL.

CONTROL v1.0.371: xx April 2024 (Unreleased)

  • Updated firmware to grblHAL Build 20240402

CONTROL v1.0.368: 8 May 2023

  • Updated firmware to grblHAL Build 20230501
  • Added 3-Axes DOOR firmware

CONTROL v1.0.341: 9 Dec 2022

  • Fixed a bug related to Y2 Motors

CONTROL v1.0.339: 7 Dec 2022

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