3.3.6 BlackBox X32 RC Servo


OpenBuilds BlackBox provides support for using an RC servo to raise/lower a pen, in Pen Plotter type applications, or other imaginative uses


Make sure to set $33=50 in grblHAL settings (CONTROL > Grbl Settings Tab > Scroll down to $33 Spindle PWM Frequency > Set the value to '50' and Save


OpenBuildsCONTROL includes a tool to calibrate the Pen Up / Pen Down positions of your Servo. Please perform this step prior to trying out the Pen Up / Down values, and also note down the S-Values as advised by the Calibration Tool to use in your CAM setups later on.

Go to Wizards and Tools > Calibration > Calibrate Servo Pen Up / Down:

Pen Control Buttons

When $33 is set to 50hz, CONTROL will enable the Pen Up / Pen Down Buttons you can use to test you servo, check Pen Down positions to ensure your pen is touching the writing surface, etc

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