Place BlackBox X32 into Bootloader Mode


If CONTROL is unable to automatically reset your BlackBox X32 into Bootloader mode during a Firmware Flashing operation, it may ask you on-screen to Enter bootloader mode and then to try again:

This is the procedure you should apply:

Reset into Bootloader Mode

We will use the two buttons on the front of the BlackBox X32, to put it into “bootloader” mode - this is a special mode in which the BlackBox X32 waits to receive a firmware update from CONTROL

  • Hold down the MODE button (keep holding it down) This will tell the controller to be in FLASH mode when it resets
  • Click the RESET button - This resets the controller, so it can boot up into Bootloader mode - it will check MODE is being held down to know whether to go into Bootloader Mode
  • Let go of the MODE button

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