Introduction to OpenBuilds CONTROL

OpenBuilds CONTROL is a free machine interface application for Grbl / BlackBox based machines. Its primary focus is on ease of use.

It allows you to

  • Open and Preview GCODE files
  • Prepare your stock/machine
  • Run a job
  • Troubleshooting
  • Configure and update firmware
  • Calibrate your machine
  • Probe stock origins
  • Flatten/Surface stock/spoilboard
  • Use your mobile phone as a Wireless Jog controller

1. Download and install OpenBuilds CONTROL

Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux

After installation, start OpenBuilds CONTROL.

2. Connect your OpenBuilds® BlackBox

Connect your OpenBuilds® BlackBox via USB cable to your computer

3. Connect in OpenBuilds CONTROL

  • Select the correct device from the list of ports
  • Click Connect

If you have trouble connecting, refer to USB Troubleshooting

4. Load your GCODE File

Click Open G-Code > Open GCODE from File and select your GCODE.

Note your GCODE has to be Grbl-compatible, for more information refer to CAM Applications

5. Use the 3D Viewer to check your job

6. Position the machine at the job's origin

You can use either of these options to tell your machine where the stock is located

6.1 Jog into position, then zero out the DROs

Use the Jog buttons, or use the Keyboard shortcuts, to move the endmill toward the origin of the job. The origin is specified in your CAM application, for example, the front-left corner of the stock.

6.2 Use a Probe and the Probing Wizard to find the origin

For quicker setup, and more reliable positioning, get yourself an OpenBuilds XYZ Probe Plus

For more information on the XYZ Probe Plus and how to use it, refer to OpenBuilds XYZ Probe Plus Documentation

7. Set the router speed-dial and turn the router on

For more information on how the speed-dial relates to RPMs, refer to Dewalt DWP611 / D26200 Speed Dial to RPM conversion chart

If you'd like to automate turning on the router, refer to Connecting BlackBox 4X to Dewalt DWP611 Router via IOT Switching Relay Power Strip

8. Turn on your (optional) dust extraction / vacuum

If you have a Dust Shoe installed on your machine, turn on the vacuum system before starting the cut

If you'd like to automate turning on the vacuum system, refer to Connecting Dust Extraction via IoT Relay

9. Start the Job

Do a quick last mental check:

  • Stock Origin set / Axes Zeroed out
  • Correct Endmill size for the job in Router/Spindle
  • Router/Vacuum turned on / automated so that the GCODE can turn it on
  • Stock sufficiently clamped

Click the Run Job button to start the job

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