4.2 OpenBuilds Interface: Usage Instructions: Probing

Note: At this time Interface only supports the OpenBuilds XYZ Probe Plus

Prerequisite: Ensure you have Prepared a USB Flashdrive for use with Interface as the Probe macros are included in the Supporting Files copied to the flashdrive during this process. Make sure the USB drive is inserted into your Interface as well. If not, you will get “PROBE FILE NOT FOUND” errors when you attempt to Probe

Interface can be used to Probe the origin of your Stock: Go to Tools and Utils > Probe

Run a Probe

1. Jog to the Start position

See below starting positions: Manually jog to the correct starting position for the probing operation you intend running. Starting positions are the same as those used in OpenBuilds CONTROL.

2. Attach the Clip and position the Touchplate

NB: Make sure the Magnet is clipped to the Endmill, and position the Touchplate on the front-left corner of the stock.

3. Open the Probing Menu

Go to the Tools and Util > Probe menu

4. Select Bit Diameter

Press the OK button while the menu is on “Bit Dia” to change the Bit diameter. You have to specify the endmill diameter for the probing wizard to calculate the correct offsets

5. Select the Probing Operation

Select X-Zero, Y-Zero, Z-Zero or XYZ-Zero as per your intention, and press the OK button to start the probing routine

Starting positions for each Probing Operation

NB You have to manually jog to these positions prior to starting the Probing procedure:

X-Zero Probe

Start with the endmill off to the left of the Touchplate:

Y-Zero Probe

Start with the endmill off toward the front of the Touchplate:

Z-Zero Probe

Start with the endmill slightly above the Touchplate:

XYZ-Zero Probe

Start with the endmill slightly above the surface of the Touchplate, but positioned above the Hole:

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