Firmware Update Method 3: Update via the USB Flash drive Download the updated firmware binary file, and copy it to your USB flashdrive

Use an internet connected computer to download the latest firmware.bin

  • The filename must be in 8.3 format, for example “firmware.bin” for easy identification.
  • You can rename it to your own more descriptive name, for example “firm124.bin” as long as the file extension is maintained as “.BIN” Insert the USB drive

Insert the USB flashdrive into the USB port on the right-hand side of the Interface, and Press the “Load File from USB Flashdrive” button on the Interface. Select the file to begin the Update

Select the firmware binary file you copied earlier, from the file menu Please wait for the Update to be performed

During the update process, the percentage indicator will be continually updated to reflect the progress of the operation Update Complete

Upon completion of the update, the Interface will reboot itself to boot up with the new firmware

NEXT: Prepare your USB Flashdrive and Set up WIFI

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