Device Test Mode

OpenBuilds Interface Firmware V1.51 and newer includes a “Device Test Mode” - used by the factory, but can also be run by End Users - to test the Hardware inside.

  • Updating from v1.24 - v1.46 and flashing to v1.51 or newer will run the Device Test mode the first time the device boots. This will only happen once, and this step will allow you to do a self-test on your hardware to ensure its all working perfectly
  • If your Interface shipped out with Firmware v1.51 or newer - it will boot straight into the normal firmware. You won't be required to perform the test as the OpenBuilds QA Team has already performed it for you.
  • If requested by our Support Team, or for use in your own Troubleshooting, you can launch the Device Test Mode manually. Instructions Below
Manually entering Device Test Mode
  • Power up your Interface
  • During the boot process, wait until it is on the screen where the big OpenBuilds Logo appears, immediately press and hold down MODE button on the left side, until the Interface Beeps.
  • Once it enters Device Test mode you can let go of the MODE button
Completing the Device Test
  • Onscreen instructions will guide you through some test steps like asking you to insert, or remove the USB drive, press certain buttons (The requested button will light up for your convenience), or asking you to confirm some sensory or auditory observations.
  • Once complete, the Interface will reboot into the normal operating mode.
  • If you are unable to complete a step, it will not allow you to continue - contact the OpenBuildsPartstore Support team via for assistance as this may indicate an problem with the device itself.
TIP: If you cannot enter the Test Mode you may be running an older version of the Firmware, see OpenBuilds Interface: Firmware Update for instructions on updating.

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