5.2 Connecting OpenBuilds Interface to other Grbl controllers

The OpenBuilds Interface can be wired to almost any Grbl 1.1 based CNC controller if it has a UART to connect to.

You will likely need to make up / modify your own cabling, the included cable is designed to be a direct fit for OpenBuilds BlackBox.


Pin on Interface's BlackBox connector Pin on your controller Notes
5V 5V 5V output from your controller, to provide power for the Interface (500mA required)
GND GND Ground connection for serial and power
RX TX Connects to Transmit pin on your controller's Serial port
TX RX Connects to Receive pin on your controller's Serial port

xPro Wiring

Refer to our forums at for details on how to wire an xPro v3 or V4. The xPro V5 is not supported, it does not have an accessible UART Pinout as far as we are aware

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