2.1.2 Connecting OpenBuilds Interface to OpenBuilds BlackBox 4X

Order your OpenBuilds BlackBox 4x Motion Control System

IMPORTANT WARNING: Make sure you have the connector going into the BlackBox connected the correct way round. Compare the labelling on the connector, to the labelling on the BlackBox to make sure it is correct
IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to disconnect the USB cable from the BlackBox: See BlackBox Documentation: Section 5.1 Connecting BlackBox 4X to external Serial devices - this forces BlackBox to switch to the AUX port. When the USB cable is connected to the BlackBox, it forces BlackBox into USB mode (I.e. no communications with the AUX port, and thus no communications with Interface)

Use the supplied 4-pin to SL cable that came with your OpenBuilds Interface, to connect the AUX port on your BlackBox, to the BlackBox port on your Interface:

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