2.1.2 Connecting OpenBuilds Interface to OpenBuilds BlackBox X32

Order your OpenBuilds BlackBox X32 Motion Control System

IMPORTANT NOTE No 1: Make sure to disconnect the USB cable from the BlackBox: See BlackBox Documentation: Section 5.1 Connecting BlackBox X32 to external Serial devices - this forces BlackBox to switch to the AUX port. When the USB cable is connected to the BlackBox, it forces BlackBox into USB mode (I.e. no communications with the AUX port, and thus no communications with Interface)
IMPORTANT NOTE No 3: See Retrofit older Interfaces for X32 if your have an Interface V1.4, V1.5 or V1.6

Use the RJ11-to-SL cable or newer RJ12-to-RJ12 cable (depending on the versions of the devices you own), to connect the AUX port on your BlackBox, to the BlackBox port on your Interface:

Note picture does not show the newer RJ12-RJ12 cable at this time, but that is straight forward to plug in, instead of the older 4 pin connector.

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