OpenBuilds Interface: Initial Setup: Firmware Update

Your OpenBuilds Interface ships with Firmware preinstalled from the factory, but as Interface is a cutting edge control system, we are continuously updating the firmware, improving it and adding new features. As such, it would be to your own benefit to update the firmware upon setting up your interface for the first time, and also to continuously keep it up to date going forward. Even in the short period since the Factory built them, there will already be updated firmware available when you receive yours

To make it as easy as possible for you to update the Interface's firmware, we included multiple update methods, so you can choose the one most suited to your individual needs. Easiest is for the Interface to update its own firmware via the internet over Wifi, but if you do not have Wifi out in the workshop, we also provide another method to update the firmware via a USB Flash drive. We hope that this will encourage you to always stay up to date and on the latest firmware, so you do not miss out on improvements and new features

We highly recommend enabling Wifi as per the steps here: OpenBuilds Interface: Initial Setup: WIFI as it allows Interface to let you know when it needs to be updated.

Refer to your preferred method below:

If you encounter any difficulties updating via the Internet, your existing firmware might be too far out of date, you can use the following alternatives to catch up:

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