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OpenBuildsĀ® Interface Specifications

  • Standalone Human-Machine Interface for controlling your OpenBuilds BlackBox / Grbl based CNC machine
  • No computer required: Plug in a flashdrive with your G-Code files and run directly from the Interface
  • 240Mhz 32-bit Xtensa Dual-Core Microprocessor
  • Supports FAT32 Flash Drives
  • Color TFT LCD display
  • Capacitive Touch buttons, with tactile and audible feedback
  • Supports Homing, Jogging, Probing, Zeroing and Running your CNC machine
  • Plug-and-play with OpenBuilds BlackBox motion controller
  • Can be used with any Grbl 1.1 based controller, which has RX/TX/GND/5V pins (may require you to make your own cabling)

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