Retrofitting Interface V1.4-V1.6 for use with BlackBox X32

Older OpenBuilds Interface versions (V1.4 to V1.6) may not be 100% compatible with the new OpenBuilds BlackBox X32. If you notice a reboot-loop or you are advised by our support team to perform the retrofit - this page deals with the practical installation of the V-EXT JUMPER.

The instructions below, once applied, should make these older versions work with the new BlackBox X32

1. Disassemble the Interface

Remove the 4x M3x6mm Hex Screws from the front panel

2. Remove the Back Panel

The front panel screws also hold the back panel on. Once the screws are removed, you should be able to remove the back panel with its spacers still attached. Handle the Interface main body with great care to prevent damage to the LCD - it is only held in place by the front panel.

Turn the Interface around carefully (The jumpers pins we need to access are on the back of the main board) and place it down on the table.

3. Install the 3-Way Jumper

Included with current BlackBox X32s, you will locate a spare 3-Way Jumper in the box.

Take the 3-Way Jumper from the BlackBox X32 packaging and install it on the 5V-AUX/5V-USB/5V-MAIN pins of the V-EXT JUMPER.


Make sure the jumper is correctly installed (IMPORTANT: DO NOT LET THE JUMPER CONNECT TO THE GND PIN)

Reassemble the Interface by placing the back panel onto the main body, position the front panel back onto the front, and install the 4x M3x6mm screws (Reverse order from disassembly)

Proceed to connect and test your Interface as normal.

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