Prepare a BlackBox V2.7 to work with OpenBuilds Interface

The following steps are required for OpenBuilds Interface to connect to an OpenBuilds BlackBox v2.7. Perform all the steps, or you will not be able to connect

a) Remove the top panel of the BlackBox

Remove the 4 screws that hold down the top panel, and then set the panel with the fan attached to the side.

b) Insert the TVS Module onto the ICSP header

Included with your Interface, you will find a “TVS Module”

The BlackBox has a 6 pin header labelled ICSP. It is important that you install this module onto the ICSP header.

Line up the “ICSP” label on both to be on the same side. The arrow points toward the Power input side of the BlackBox

c) Configure the Jumpers

  • Remove the jumper from USB MODE (if one is fitted)
  • You can put this jumper onto AUTO RST (if there is not already one installed)
  • (Some BlackBoxes already come configured as shown, but NB do check the jumpers to be sure)

d) Replace the Top Panel

Make sure the Fan is plugged in - then place the top panel with fan back onto the BlackBox and reattach using the 4 screws you removed in step (a) above

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