Order your OpenBuilds BlackBox 4x Motion Control System

OpenBuilds® BlackBox 4X Specifications

  • Plug and Play easy connections that work directly with the OpenBuilds® Xtension wiring ecosystem
  • Muscle & Brains boards stacked configuration
  • 4 x High Powered 3.2A Stepper Drivers (Max rating 4A)
  • Auxiliary Serial Input for alternative connectivity expansion
  • USB Interface for Plug and Play
  • Power Switch (no more reaching for the power strip or unplugging)
  • Easily reachable Current Adjustment Potentiometers
  • All new high end Enclosure/Case included, with built in back-lit indication LEDs
  • Built in cooling solution/through airflow design
  • Easy V-Slot compatible Mounting
  • 3 x Endstop inputs with optional power output (Selectable 5v/24v) for use with Mechanical or powered switches such as Inductive sensor
  • Endstop inputs are protected against high voltages to allow for use of 24v Inductive Sensors
  • XYZ Probe input
  • Up to 24v 5A switched output for coolant devices such as 24v DC pumps, solenoids, contactors, or Solid State Relays
  • Input Power Polarity protection with indicator LED
  • 10 Amp Input Power Fuse
  • LED Indicators USB Serial | Power | Polarity | Probe | Motors Enabled | 4x Fault indicators | Coolant, (Spindle/Laser/Toolhead) | RGB LED behind top cover Logo
  • Stepper Driver Fault condition (Overheat, Short Circuit, etc) indicator LEDs for each axes allows you to pinpoint trouble easier.
  • 5v PWM and 5v Direction Spindle Signals
  • 0-10v Analog Spindle Control Signal Output for VFD Spindles
  • Slave Axis configurable as a slave X, Y or Z
  • Door Interlock signal connector to allow machines with enclosures to pause/resume when the door opens/closes
  • Up to 1/32 Microstepping (Defaulted to 1/8 for higher Torque)
  • Well planned locations of all connectors to allow for logical cable management
  • Configurable Relay for generic use cases (Plasma trigger, Coolant Pumps, Spindle control, etc
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