Introduction to the OpenBuilds BlackBox Features

1. Front Side

  • a) USB LEDs: Flashes in Red/Green to indicate serial data transmit/receive traffic
  • b) Power Switch: Used to turn the Main Power off, can be used in case of an emergency to bring the machine to an immediate stop
  • c) Status LEDs
    • Motors Enabled LED: Indicates when the firmware has the Motor Drivers Enabled. In Grbl Settings set $4=1 (required for BlackBox drivers to function correctly) and $1=255 (to keep motors always enabled)
    • Probe LED: Lights up when the Probe Input activates
    • Coolant LED: Shows status of the Coolant signal (M8 = on, M9 = off)
    • Tool On LED: Reflect the status of the PWM / Spindle / Laser output: Refer to Sections 3.3.1, 3.3.2, 3.3.3, 3.3.4 and 3.3.5
  • d) Reset Button: Restarts the Firmware
  • e) Power LED:
    • If the Power LED is Green: Power Input OK
    • If the Power is Red: Power connected with incorrect polarity
  • f) Current Adjustment: Adjust stepper driver current, see Section 2.2.1 Current Adjustment
  • g) Fault Indicators: Indicates a problem with the stepper driver on the relevant axis: The LED indicates
    • Overtemperature Fault: Adjust current down a little, Check Fan
    • Overcurrent Fault: Adjust current down a little
    • Short Circuit Fault: Check Wiring
    • Undervoltage: Check input Voltage

2. Left Side

3. Right Side

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