3.1 Connecting BlackBox 4X to Power Supply Bundle (OpenBuilds PowerCase on a Meanwell LRS350 24v)

IMPORTANT WARNING: Please note, we recommend Meanwell Power supplies to ensure the safety and reliability of your BlackBox. Good quality power supplies ensure good, clean power to the controller. Avoid power supplies marketed as “LED power supplies” as they tend to lack filtering/protection circuitry, that can result in fatal power surges that can destroy your BlackBox. Use of other power supplies may affect your warranty.

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3.1.1 NB: Set the 115/230v Switch

Before connecting your power supply to mains power, it is critical that you check and set the 115v/230v Switch on the right-side of the PSU:

Look out for the bright yellow sticker on the top, to help you locate the switch:

3.1.2 Connecting OpenBuilds PowerCase on a Meanwell LRS350 24v to the BlackBox 4X

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