2.1.1 Configure the Slave Axis Driver

OpenBuilds BlackBox has a 4th driver (Called Y2 by default) that can be configured as a slave-driver for either X, Y or Z: You can use the Y2-STEP and Y2-DIR Jumpers to select which axis the driver should respond to. This allows you to wire up dual motors, such as machines that have two motors for the Y axis, in a way where each motor can have a dedicated stepper driver.

Slave the X Axis to the Y2 Driver

Slave the Y Axis to the Y2 Driver (Default)

Slave the Z Axis to the Y2 Driver

Dual-Motor Homing Mode (Advanced, not for normal users)

Grbl 1.1h includes a compile-time option to use a second stepper driver to home a second motor on an axis, with a seperate limit switch

We provide the Jumper to allow connecting the Y2 driver, to the A3 and A4 pins respectively, but refer to the Grbl Configuration File comments for details of how it works, and how to enable it.

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