6.4 Connecting both an IOT Switching Relay for a Router, and a Laser, to the BlackBox

If you would like to fit both a spindle and a laser to your machine:

  • Grbl only has one PWM output
  • Easiest method to share this signal between multiple tools, it so add a Single Pole, Double Throw switch to direct the PWM signal between the two devices
  • This can also act as a Laser Disarm switch, preventing the laser from firing (safety)

Wiring is as follows:

  • PWM from BlackBox, to COMMON pin of switch
  • PWM out from one side of the switch, to PWM IN on the Laser Module
  • PWM (ON/OFF, as the IoT doesn't support PWM) to the control input on the IoT
  • You can substitute the IoT Relay with Router for other PWM toolheads - the concept remains the same, the switch directs which tool sees the PWM signal from the BlackBox

Software / Firmware:

6.4.1 Connection Diagram

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