3.4.1 Connecting BlackBox 4X to Limit Switches

Tip: Our Limit switches uses Normally-Open switch wiring, please ensure that you have $5=0 in your Grbl settings

Use a 3-core cable to wire up our Xtension Limit switches.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Note: Incorrect wiring can short V+ to GND causing damage to your controller: Double check wiring before powering on. If you would like to wire a diffent type of switch, you are welcome to contact our Customer service or Support Forum for assistance with wiring it, to avoid potential damage

Tip: If you would like to wire Min and Max switches for the same axis, the second switch is just wired in parallel to the first:

GND on controller, to GND on first switch to GND on second switch
V+ on controller, to V+ on first switch to V+ on second switch
SIG on controller, to SIG on first switch to SIG on second switch
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