Vectric Aspire, Cut2D, VCarve Post Processor to support OpenBuilds BlackBox and OpenBuilds Machines

You can use any of Vectric's CAM applications to generate G-Code for your machine. Simply select the correct Post Processor from the list:

1. Latest versions of Vectric applications

Select the relevant “OpenBuilds Grbl (mm/inch)” Post processor from the list

2. Older versions of Vectric applications

2.1 Option 1: Install the Post Processors

You can download and install our Post processors:

2.2 Option 2: Use the included Grbl Post processors

Select the “Grbl-mm” or “Grbl-inch” Post processor if the “OpenBuilds Grbl (mm/inch)” post is not available in your version. (Note: May sometimes include commands that is not 100% Grbl compatible - you would have to manually edit out M6 and other toolchange commands for example. Best to update to the latest versions, or install the Post Processors if possible)

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