OpenBuilds® PowerCase V1.9

Assembly Instructions

1. NB: Set the 115/230v Switch

Before connecting your power supply to mains power, it is critical that you check and set the 115v/230v Switch on the right-side of the PSU:

Look out for the bright yellow sticker on the top, to help you locate the switch:

2. Attach the Front Panel Spacers

Using 3pc x M3x6mm Screws, attach the 3pc x M3x10mm Female/Female Hex Spacers to the Front Panel as shown

3. Attach the Front Panel to the Main Board

Using another 3pc x M3x6mm Screws, attach the Main Board to the front panel by inserting the screws into the other end of the female spacers as shown.

4. Main Board / Front Panel assembly

Make sure your completed sub assembly matches the image below

5. Attach the Power Supply

Loosen the terminals on the Meanwell LRS350-24 PSU. Insert the mains wiring first:

Green Wire Earth
White Wire Neutral
Black Wire Live

Make sure to tighten the terminal screws properly.

Then proceed to slide the fingers of the main board under the terminals on the DC side of the Power Supply and tighten all the screws securely.

6. Attach the two Side Panels

Using 2pc x M3 x 6mm and 2pc x M4 x 4mm screws, attach the two side panels as shown to the Power Supply and the Main board assembly.

7. Attach the Bottom Panel

Using 3pc x M3 x 6mm screws and 2pc x M4 x 4mm screws, attach the Bottom panel as shown

8. Attach the Top Panel

Using 3pc x M3 x 6mm screws attach the Top panel as shown

9. Attach the Mounting Panel

Using 2pc x M4 x 4mm screws attach the Mounting panel to the back of the Power Supply as shown

10. Complete!

Power on your creativity!

Mounting Instructions

OpenBuilds® PowerCase V1.9 provides mounting holes on both ends that allows you to mount your power supply.

Using M5 x 8mm Screws with M5 Drop-in Tee Nuts for mounting

Attach to any V-Slot / C-Beam extrusion - for example one of our Tables

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