Fusion 360 Post Processor to support OpenBuilds BlackBox and OpenBuilds Machines

You can use Fusion 360 to generate G-Code for your machine. Simply install the correct Post Processor :

1. Download our OpenBuilds Fusion 360 Post Processor (.cps file)

2. Copy the Post Processor file to your Cloud Library

2.1 Enable Cloud Libraries

Click on your Name in the top-right corner, and then on Preferences:

Click on Manufacturing on the left, and then make sure the checkmark is set next to Enable Cloud Libraries

2.2 Upload the downloaded OpenbuildsFusion360PostGrbl.cps file to Assets > CAMPosts

Open your Assets library

Go into the CAMPosts folder

Click Upload, select the downloaded OpenbuildsFusion360PostGrbl.cps file and Upload it

3. Use the OpenBuilds Postprocessor when you Post from Fusion 360

Proceed to setup your CAD/Toolpaths as you would normally, generate the Toolpaths, and then Post Process:

=== 3.1 Post: Use Cloud Posts

Click Setup > Use Cloud Posts

3.2 Select the Post Processor

Select the Post Processor from the dropdown menu:

3.3 Customise Post Parameters (optional)

There are several parameters you can adjust to your choosing to tweak the behaviour and features of the Post

For example, setting the Router type - will include the recommended Speed Dial value in the G-code comments

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