Use with OpenBuilds CONTROL

1. Download and install OpenBuilds® CONTROL

Download OpenBuilds® CONTROL from

2. Connect to your controller

Use OpenBuildsCONTROL to connect to your controller

3. Run the Probe Wizard

Run the Probe wizard from the Probe button on the main toolbar

4. Execute a probing operation

Each operation type described how it works, where to position the probe, and any extra parameters directly onscreen on the Probe Wizard window

  • Clip the magnetic probe to the endmill
  • Place the Probe Plate on the front-left corner of the stock
  • Use the buttons onscreen, or your keyboard, to jog the endmill to the position instructed by the wizard
  • Click [Confirm Probe Position] to confirm the probe hardware is ready. This is a safety step to prevent executing the probing operation without the hardware being ready
  • Click [Probe] to start the probing operation

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