2.1.3 Configure the Relay Output

OpenBuilds BlackBox has an onboard Relay: Using the Jumpers you can select which GCODE Commands activate the Relay.

This allows you to use the relay for various purposes:

Disable the Relay

Typical for Lasers, or when you have a Spindle wired to the PWM/0-10v (VFD) Terminals, or you are using the IoT Relay

Respond to M3/M5 Tool On/Off Commands

Typically used when you have the Onboard relay wired to control a Plasma inverter

Respond to M8/9 Coolant On/Off Commands

Typically used to wire a DC-powered air solenoid or water pump to do coolant/chip evacuation via the onboard relay. For mains powered coolant options (Mains water pump, vacuum cleaner) we recommend using an IoT relay instead

Respond to Spindle Direction Commands / Use with Grbl's "USE_SPINDLE_DIR_AS_ENABLE_PIN"

This is not typically used, it exists for esoteric configurations that cannot be controlled with PWM/0-10v only as one would normally do instead. This connects the relay to Grbl's spindle-direction pin. M3 should activate the relay, M4 should turn it off But rather, refer to Grbl's “USE_SPINDLE_DIR_AS_ENABLE_PIN” function: In the Grbl Configuration File for a compile-time option that allows you to control the relay as a spindle-enable.

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